A Coffee delight

I like my coffee places to be relaxing and unpretentious when sipping away on a delicious cappuccino. Here at cafe Bertaux, i feel like traveling back in time. The smell of freshly made coffee and pastries as they get passed by your table, and listening to great Charleston tunes from the old gramophone is such a delight. We live our life at such fast pace, and finding a place to wind down and enjoy yourself becomes rather challenging. I am one of those people who look for an escape, I want to get away from home where i work in isolation, and find a place stimulating enough to refill my creative energy . This is even better when this place offers delicious cakes . Cafe Betaux in London Soho has the best selection of home made cakes! I have come here for years , sometimes more and sometimes less, all depending on the diet I am on . Unfortunately it’s been written about quite a lot and its not a secret place anymore. However, if you get here at the right time you still find it magical and lovely. I have just finished my delicious strawberry cheese cake while I typed this review and have to stop myself from ordering another one.

Cafe Bertaux has three rooms to hang out in . The main one downstairs where the counter is , one next door and another one upstairs, which has some changing new artists on display curated by the lovely Tania

Right now i am watching “Diva” an artist installing her new work for a show called  Bruce .Apparently, it’s all about knitting if I understand her correctly! Cafe Bertaux is full of surprises, and you never know who you meet or to whom you get introduced to by the lovely lady’s who run the place .