My trip to Monte Carlo

I had three fantastic days in Monaco - Monte Carlo! After a busy day shooting inside a studio, I have the last day to myself, wandering around and looking at beautiful sights. I’ve decided to take a walk up to the Grimaldi palace and that’s exactly where I’m spending my time writing this blog, in a shaded spot on the beautiful plaza . The weather Is divine, and so mild. Coming from london one appreciates a bit of sun! Again and again i have asked myself what am I doing in London when life can be so much more enjoyable in a place like this? Of course one has to consider work as well, and where does the money come from? Here in Monaco the latter problem doesn’t seem to be such a pressing topic. Most of the people living here do have a few extra pennies in the bank to afford the lifestyle Mote Carlo has to offer. Cafe de Paris is certainly worth a stop . I love sitting on the terrace enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the world go by , and believe you me what a worlds that is! We where shooting in a studio as I mentioned before and since big spaces are rare in the small country, I was very impressed with the set up of that one. It turns out the studio owner ( a photographer himself) used to rent out the space to Helmut Newton when he was shooting in Monaco and all the processing was done there as well. So one feels privileged shooting in a space that has such rich history. This is certainly one of those experiences I will treasure, and just makes me remember why I have become a photographer in the first place. I’ll be back Monte Carlo !