New Collection for Andrew Majtenyi

It's such a pleasure to have gained the trust of a valued Artist- Designer and Client  #AndrewMajtenyi who allows me year after year and to shoot his collection. Not to be too political, but it seemed appropriate to tag along with the topic surveillance.  Vogue has the collection online, and it can viewed by following the link below.

Fresh of the shelf S-Magazine

Those who know me and might have worked with me are aware that I really do care about how I capture my imagery. Not that I’m an equipment snob, no not at all; but I appreciate the simplicity and image quality of the #Leica cameras. That’s why I’ve chosen to use the Leica S system for my work. I am so happy Leica has taken me in and gave me a spot to shine. Thanks Leica S-Magazine.

Check it out for great #Leica #Photography and to read about me


Photographing Andrew Majtenyi's AW2016 collection

London Fashion Week has just come to an end, and Paris is about to start . I love  working with designers documenting their creations for print, web and advertising. The Photography for the Andrew Majtenyi AW2016 collection has just been finished, and as usual looks stunning. His choice of fabrics and the ability to combine patterns in a stylish way come across really well in this collection. 


Barnaby Barford: The Tower of Babel

This is an amazing sculpture installation by the artist Barnaby Barford currently on display at the V&A “Victoria and Albert Museum “.
The Tower of Babel comprises 3000 original bone china London shops, and reaches a hight of six meters. Each shop front was photographed by the Artist himself. 
Now, the funny thing is after looking more closely at each of the individual pieces, I discovered the porcelain figurine/shop of my friend and client Paul Edmonds Hair and beauty in Knightsbridge. It shows the shop front and the window in which I have a campaign photograph for the brand on display. Indirectly I can now say; I have an image (although very small) on display as part of a bigger art installation showing at the V&A. Thank you very much Barnaby. 


Barnaby Barford , The Golden Cock

When I first encountered Barnaby's Art pieces at David Gill Gallery in London several years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this Artist, and what path he was following? It didn’t take me long however to realise how incredibly talented he actually is. I am quite happy to own two of his earlier pieces, because now I simply can’t afford them anymore “Thanks David for making him so popular” The yellow Cock image is just one example why I love Barnaby so much. He provokes in a very creative way - ohh yes he has a wicked and cheeky mind !

Picture By Armin Weisheit during a gallery visit at David Gill Gallery

The Stephen Jones story!

What do you do when you're at a dinner party and you find yourself seated right opposite a rather interesting character? Well, in my case you reach for your camera (which by the way is always with me), and you take a picture! What if that picture actually turns out to be a little candid marvel, and the subject you captured is Stephen Jones a legendary milliner? Well - you put your thinking cap on and start being creative, because when such an opportunity presents itself to you, you better recognise it! I did just that, and by the end of the evening I knew exactly what kind of Image project i would like to create with Stephen Jones . The difficulty I had to face, was to convince my subject of desire to take part in this little project.
Luckily, Stephen knows a good concept when he hears one, and therefore I didn’t have to work too hard to convince him . I started making some sketches to illustrate what I had in mind immediately the day after. Portraying a Milliner - it was obvious to me, the story had to be based around hats! It would’ve been rather predictable however and somewhat boring if Stephen wore some of his own Hat-Creations, because that’s something he does everyday anyway, and therefore this approach wouldn’t have been special. Instead by using a Snake as a metaphor for seduction is something special, and it totally makes sense when you think about it.
When Stephen and I met up again and I showed him my sketches, explaining how I visualised the story, he got it straight away and no further discussion was needed. At this point I knew I got his trust and he would allow me to do whatever is needed to get the image I desire.
Obviously, this wasn’t one of those portrait session when the subject turns up and you have 10 minutes to shoot! Oh no, a lot of planning and organising is involved to get it perfect, and one heavily relies on the team helping to achieve the image.
Now, that the ball is rolling and the picture is published (here on my website firs) hopefully the rest will fall into place too and some more creative collaborations will follow.